Do you offer any discounts?

No, my prices are non-negotiable.

What are your HARD LIMITS?

Please understand that I maintain a strict professional boundary in my sessions. I DO NOT provide services such as blowjobs, handjobs, sex, nude intimate worship, scat or pissing. Please don’t even ask.

Do you offer relief?

Like mentioned in my hard limits, I do not. However the slave can express the desire for relief during the consultation phase. If granted by the Mistress, the slave will have the permission to proceed himself.

Will you judge my fantasies if they're unusual or not listed among your services?

Absolutely not—I approach every inquiry with an open mind and zero judgment. Your fantasies deserve to be expressed without shame or fear, and I encourage you to share them openly. Respectful communication ensures mutual respect and confidentiality right from the start. While I may not cater to every interest, you’re always welcome to ask. If necessary, I can guide you to a colleague better suited to your specific desires. Feel free to reach out via a polite email; expressing your curiosities is completely okay!

Do you remain clothed during your sessions?

Absolutely always.

Can I ask you to wear something specific?

Selecting my attire is one important aspect of my enjoyment in the role of Domina. However, if you possess a particular fetish, the consultation phase is the opportune moment to mention it. If I lack the requested item, you may present it to me for consideration, and upon my approval, purchase it as a gift for me to wear.

Do you offer after-care?

I do. After-care involves providing both physical and emotional comfort as we transition out of a session. Sessions can be profoundly intense, eliciting a wide range of physical and emotional responses. To aid in your recovery, I offer after-care, and I’m always ready to engage in a friendly conversation and share a smile, reflecting on our recent session together.

Do you use safe words?

Yes, absolutely. A safe word will be given for you to use if you need to stop or pause the session for any reason. Once invoked, I’ll pause the activity and immediately check in on you to ensure your well-being. This will be set up during our consultation or before the session begins.