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  • Mistress Regina is a beautiful practitioner of her dominant art. Mistress poses a body created for worship and has a mind so perverted and twisted nothing surprises her – yet she rewards those who faithfully worship her with a voyage of ecstasy and pain

  • I found the site of dominaregina a few days ago and was fascinated of the pics and the text she described herself. It was easy to contact her and arrange an appointment to explore my fetish side. She opened the door in a great latex suit, high heels, looking awesome, perfect body, wonderful face. How can this beautiful woman be cruel? She can, she is a great Dominatrix!
    I was strapped to the bed, blindfolded, she put some nipple clamps on my nipples, screwed them very hard till they were swollen and purple. She did it also with my eggs and balls. Next step was that she treatet me with hot wax all over my body, genitals. It hurts really and it was great. Next i had to drink a glass of mistresses pee combined with spit before i was unstrapped had to turn round and she gave me a superb ass fuck with her strap on. Some hits with a whip included, till my ass was burning. Domina regina is very friendly, no clock watching and able to read my minds.
    I will come back and can highly recommend her

  • My first visit to Mistress Regina was very satisfying.
    Great looking woman, incredibly nice and genuine but changes into a strict mistress as soon as session starts.
    I wanted to try her vacuum latex bed, also my first time. I was a little bit nervous when i first went inside and became aware that i was completely trapped and the only way to breath was through a small tube.
    Ones i relaxed my body i started to enjoy the amazing feeling of Latex all over my body.
    Mistress Regina started to stroke me everywhere. I got an erection. It was an incredible feeling.
    After a while of teasing she took her Vibrator and run it over my cock and i couldn’t hold my orgasm and i exploded.
    It was a great experience. The feel between getting an orgasm and the fear of not beeing able to breath easily. Mistress Regina had the whole Situation under control.
    As a reward i was allowed to worship her feet.
    A great session, very close to the edge of my limits but i felt safe in her hands!
    I will see her again

  • Mistress Regina takes the time to understand your desires and she tests your body, senses, mind and physical limits over and over again in an unbelievable way.
    A great experience, a great mistress!

  • Mistress Regina is one of the most intelligent, creative and beautiful mistresses i ever visited the last 25 years. She figured out the perfect mixture between pleasure and pain and controlled the session in the best way you can imagine. She is the finest example of femdom I know so far.
    Looking forward be allowed to visit her again

  • I was allowed to serve Mistress Regina last week. I was quite excited. She is strict but respectful. She understand pushing limits to the right extend. Its not only a job to her, its her passion.
    The Session was an incredible mixture of demanding, awareness, pain and in control. Loved it.

  • Mistress Regina is extremely attractive. Her Dungeon is very clean and well equipped. I was strapped to the bed, wearing a leather hook and she gave me a rough anal session. She really knows how to fuck a sissy. I was completely satisfied after the session. Mistress Regina get into my head and my body. I hope she will allow me to visit her again
    Humble regards R

  • I am so lucky to find my dream goddess. Mistress Gina Regina is intelligent and attentive, within no time, mistress find all my weaknesses!! Mistress’s sexy voice, fit body, gorgeous face and her body scent make me crazy. I am so addicted to every parts of mistress’s body including her sweaty feet and armpits. I cannot wait to meet mistress again. Thank you mistress.

  • A stunning and exceptional mistress. All my wishes have been fullfilled, no clock watching and i felt safe, during the whole session.
    Thanks for the allowance to visit you.

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