About me

I’m Mistress Gina Regina a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, Mistress, Domme living and working in Kensington, London UK.

I discovered the BDSM fetish scene at a very early age. It happened when I found myself in the dungeon at a swingers club, it should have felt weird but it didn’t –  I felt totally at home! So my journey as a professional mistress in the arts of domination, happened in my early twenties.

Since then I have had an insatiable curiosity for all forms of BDSM and started researching on the internet, books and workshops. That was years ago, since then I have perfected the art of Bondage and Discipline/Domination (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadomasochism (SM).My training and practical hands-on action came when I worked in some of Germany’s well known dungeons.  I had a great mentor, Lady R. This relationship was open and direct. She allowed me to ask her everything and anything – so I did! My domination goes right from sensual tie & tease (bondage), to harsh, humiliating role play. I can serve up extreme scenarios including ball busting and whipping too. My powerful mind loves to push the limits.  whether you are a novice, masochist or a highly experienced slave. In each session I will cater to your requests and desires. The only limits are what you can endure. A challenge for both of us should be part of the experience and leave us both wanting more. Sessions are never rushed, however we must start will clear communication to ensure the scene runs smoothly.

When I started my training, I used to offer submissive service also. I believe the foundation of my expertise as a Mistress lies in gaining experience as a submissive. I felt it was important for me to do this. I didn’t want to read and learned about BDSM, I wanted to live it. It gives me a greater insight into the psychology of the submissive and elevates my domination beyond being purely academic. Understanding the journey a submissive goes on with their Dominant is essential in proving the most sensual and genuine experience for all involved.

So, for a while I tried being submissive but it wasn’t my passion. A life without passion is meaningless. Being both the dominant and submissive taught me that. I believe a good Top start from the bottom…then adds passion!

You see I’m German. Our personality traits are perfect for this profession:

  • Efficient and disciplined – Which I pass on, in instruction, to you!
  • Well-organised, creative and orderly – session go smoother this way.
  • Punctual – we must both adhere to this.
  • Traditional – I feel the roots of this fine profession are firmly rooted in tradition.
  • Sense of humour – especially when I hear you beg!
  • Direct – It will be the best way for all concerned.

German culture embraces sex and sexuality. Public nudity in saunas, pools, even in public parks is quite common. People speak very openly about sex, in all its shapes and forms, and are less prudish than most. Sex shops are common throughout most major cities.

I am a powerful woman with beautiful eyes, gorgeous smile and a creative mind. I can be a strict and intimidating Mistress with novices and more seasoned players but enjoy making you surrender to the the joys of submission. From light bondage; tied and teased…the soft lick of a flogger whilst you’re blindfolded and restrained, a sensual form of domination to the strict, harsh, painful and demanding. There may be some challenges along the way to help you progress.

I want you to surender your body to me but most importantly I want you to let me be part of your mind sex. I also welcome gifts and tributes from weak men who want nothing more than to see their hard earned cash being spent by a stunning Mistress. I will take control of your finances leaving you with just enough to get by while I treat myself to the finest and most decedent items.

Either way you will surrender yourself to me fully, in body and in mind, as I become your new addiction.

In conclusion, all of my experience, training and natural flair for domination contribute to me being a uniquely gifted domme. Being a dominant woman doesn’t define my character but enriches it. This is my natural place in life, just as your place is kneeling at my feet. Through BDSM I fulfil my sexual desires and gain an inner peace.

Wondering about my preferred activities? My Services page reveals all…